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Werewolf vs Vampire

Alright. So because my iPhone will let me create pages, but not edit them, this one's coming up a bit late. The thrust of this sketch (or preferably series of sketches) is a parody of the Mac vs PC ads replacing Macs and PCs with, you guessed it, Werewolves and Vampires.


Scene is typical purgatory-white room with Mac vs PC music playing

Werewolf: Hello, I'm a Werewolf

Vampire: And I'm a Vampire ...  so how's turning into a bloodthirsty monster on the full moon going?

Werewolf: Actually, in most literature these days, werewolves are in control, and can transform at will. How about your blood-drinking thing?

Attractive woman walks past the screen, Vampire looks after her and prowls off screen losing all interest in Werewolf

Werewolf: Uh... hello?

Woman's scream from off-screen

Werewolf: Oh dear...


Vampire is seated in a large, antique chair, staring off to the side

Hello I'm a Werewolf

Vampire: [with ennui] And I'm a Vampire

Werewolf: What're you doing there?

Vampire: Just brooding on the prospect of the coming dawn

Werewolf: [beat] I was just going to go and get some bagels

Vampire: My life is a dark abyss!

Werewolf: [beat] I'll get you blueberry


Three's the magic number, isn't it? Something about Vampire's other weaknesses, stakes, holy symbols, running water, innocent virgins, etc.