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The Light Touches

The Sun has been burning for 5 million years.
Everything the light touches is part of Simba's kingdom.

I would like to see a complete list of everything that is within his kingdom.


So how I see this working as a really good video sketch is if someone could come up with an excellent monologue of the life of the Sun and the journey of it's light (from Mercury to the Oort Cloud and beyond!). Animate the journey from origin to the far reaches of the sun's influence. Interrupt right at the end with:

?: (off screen): And you're sure that's everything the light touches?

(visual up, Simba is sitting on his throne. Rafiki has been drawing the entire galaxy on the ground in front of him).

RAFIKI: Quite certain, your majesty. This (gesturing to the image), is your kingdom.

SIMBA: (Sitting back, looking defeated. Lets out a big sigh). Fuck me. Should have let Scar keep it.