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PayPass Plunderers

You might have seen this TV ad for MasterCard PayPass (ie. tap-and-go for purchases under $100, no PIN/signature required):

Throughout the whole thing, the guy does a bunch of ridiculous spins, jumps and a barrel roll over a car. I thought this could be parodied with a PayPass theft.


(Store scene. Long queue. Person in front finishes scanning a million items. Person reaches front of line, puts his one item down and pulls out his MasterCard, and gives a sleazy grin at the PayPass machine and the cashier.)

(Out of nowhere, a random guy snatches the card, wistfully smiling and doing spins. *funky music begins, no dialogue*)

(Chase ensues. Going into random stores, tapping for random crap eg. dresses, drugs [because drug dealers totally have PayPass], etc., captions with prices appear)

(Obligatory barrel roll over the hood of a police car)

(Reaches store. Thief waves card frantically at cash register/EFTPOS terminal, but nothing happens. *pause in music*)
Cashier: Sorry, we don't have PayPass.
(Thief looks at back of credit card and forges signature. Cashier shrugs. *music continues*)

Possible closers:
"having crime on your side: priceless"