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It's not easy being green

AIR POWER and SOLAR POWER are walking down the street. Both are wearing suits. AIR POWER is holding a bouquet of flowers, SOLAR POWER has a corsage.

They approach a house. One girl (JENNY) stands outside - the colour of her dress matches SOLAR POWER's corsage.

SOLAR POWER: Hey beautiful.

SOLAR POWER and his date embrace.

AIR POWER looks around confused. Laughter is heard coming from inside.

JENNY: Wait...

AIR POWER runs to the door and throws it open. SARAH is laughing and preparing a meal while a much older COAL POWER embraces her from behind. AIR POWER drops the bouquet and SARAH realises he is standing there.

SARAH: Air...I...It's not what it looks like...

AIR POWER: Wha...Wh..How...I don't...

SARAH: It's not you...I'm sorry.

AIR POWER turns around and walks back out the door. SOLAR POWER and JENNY reconcile him. They turn to find COAL POWER standing at the front door, lighting a cigarette.

COAL POWER: Don't sweat it buddy. You know what they say. Once you go black.

SOLAR POWER (aggressively moving towards COAL POWER): Listen here you fossil...

AIR POWER stops his friend.

AIR POWER: Leave it.

SOLAR POWER: But he...

AIR POWER: It's fine.

SOLAR POWER: You're okay with this?

AIR POWER (Shaking his head): No. I'm not okay. I loved her. She was good to me.

COAL POWER: Well she knew how to be a very bad girl.

AIR POWER: But he...he'll be all dried up in a few years. If he needs to burn away the future to feel better about that, so be it.

AIR POWER, SOLAR POWER and JENNY all walk away from the house. COAL unconvincingly shrugs off the insult and walks back inside.

JENNY: It's okay, you'll find someone new.

SOLAR POWER: Someone who loves you.

JENNY: And who needs you.

AIR POWER nods solemnly. 



As he continues to stare at his feet, he bumps into a girl.

AIR POWER (turning around): Oh, I'm sorry, I...

AIR POWER is facing a very pretty young lady, PLANET EARTH.



The two smile at each other. FTB.