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It's Not Breaking the Law ...

It’s Not Breaking the Law…

This idea is for a video sketch.

Outside a school stands a van with three people near the sidewalk of the gate. The leader is a man. All of the group are dressed in long trench coats which cover any clothing they have on so they look naked under them. They are also carrying buckets of candy and inside the open truck back door are boxes of candy. The school bell rings and as the children run out the strangers start offering them free candy.

“Hi kids, would you like some free Candy?”

“It’s free for today only!”

“Sure, jump right in the back, we’ve got boxes of it inside the truck!”

The joke of this sketch is that even though what they’re doing is really dodgy, it’s NOT AGAINST THE LAW :D

Concerned mother/teacher walks up.

Mother: “What on earth are you doing? Is this some kind of promotion?”

Leader: “No, no, no. We just like handing out free candy next to school. We just want to make small children happy.”

Mother: “Why only small children.”

Leader: “Oh, it’s just our policy. No Uniform, No candy.”

Mother calls over police. Police wander over.

Police 1: “Excuse me, what do you think you are doing?”

Leader: “Why hello officer! We are handing out candy, and I see you are wearing a uniform! Would you like one?”

Police 2: “Excuse me?”

Leader: “ It’s just our policy, No uniform, no candy.”

Police 1: “I’m afraid you’ll have to come with us sir.”

Leader: “But we’ve done nothing wrong! We just want to make the kids happy.”

Police 2. “I don’t think that will hold up in court sir. I think you may want to contact your lawyer.”

Leader: “Oh, ok. Hey Frank!”

Frank (one of the group) comes over.

Frank: “Hello officers, how can I help?”

Leader: “Frank, these officers want to arrest us with …. Wait with what?”

Police officer 1: “Disturbing the peace and suspicious activity.”

Frank: “I think you’ll find officer that under section… of ... … (my brother knows this part) that will be quite improbable. Also we have several eye witnesses (gestures to small children grabbing lollies and parent and teachers.) to testify that we have not performed any such acts.”

Police look stunned.

Freeze frame and voice over.

Remember If it’s not illegal, do it.