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Just a random idea...It could be funny to have maybe a serious documentary-style or ACA/TT style thing about the ibis birds at uni. Just because it's like an in-joke to people of usyd. Inspired partly from reading someone's hilarious rant about the ibises in honi soit once.

  • [Music & APA logo. Stacey is in the studio]
    "Hello, welcome to A Present Affair, I'm Stacey Brimshaw, It's great to be with you.
    Tonight: A feathery problem - ...............(insert a string of lame bird puns)
    After setting out like the proverbial dog among the pigeons, we bring you this exclusive ingestigation..."

  • Possible things she could say/do:
    • "These ibis.. ibises.. ibii... f**k! BIRDS OF THE IBIS VARIETY"......
    • they come over here from their side of the pond, thinking they own the place, stealing all our chips. it's just plain unavian.
    • "We asked local ibis Chris Featherwick for his thoughts on the matter."
      [reporter holds out microphone to ibis]
      [ibis does nothing]
      "Well played, my avian friend."
    • [Stacey is running down the path after an ibis, panting, yelling, camera following]
      "What are you running from? Why won't you answer? what do you have to hide?"
    • (To cameraman) "I don't like the way it's looking at me with that judgmental tone"

  • Miscellaneous pieces of footage throughout the story:
    • someone getting a fright from an ibis invading their personal space
    • an ibis feeding out of a bin (possibly even with a homeless person yelling jibberish to claim back their territory)
    •  someone stroking an ibis (a random or deranged person, or even the reporter who could then have a facial expression like they've just been sprung)
    • interview a few students
    • Miami 2 ibisa ??