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Card Game


10 people and a DEALER at a table playing cards.

EVERYONE: All in. All in. All in. All in.

DEALER: Cards please.

BOB: 2 Aces, Jack 10 kicker.
(EVERYONE ooo's)

MAT: 2 Aces, King 10 kicker.
(EVERYONE ahh's)

SAM: 5 Aces.

UNO: A blue 2.

UNO: Uno.

BIRTHDAY: Straight, ages 6 to 11.

BUSINESS: Flush. (all cards same business)

HALLMARK: Full House - Anniversaries over Get Wells for your Cat. 

CREDIT: Debit, credit, savings, eftpos and quick pay. All Commonwealth. Straight flush. 

POSTCARD: Forbidden City. Madrid. Grand Kremlin. Imperial. Buckingham. Royal flush. (everyone applauds)

DEALER: And the river.

EVERYONE is confused. The DEALER reveals the Death card. The DEALER leans forward to reveal himself as a devil.

DEALER: Styx. House wins.

EVERYONE dies. Screen to black.

TITLE CARD: Lucky Lucifer's Casino. Get Rich or Suffer Eternal Torment Trying.