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Last Moments of Alderaan

Video sketch.


Titles: THE LAST MOMENTS OF ALDERAAN. Cut to the death star laser chargingCut to two people on a park bench, one is crying.

BOB: I can't believe she left me.

JAN: There there, it's not the end of the world.

Alderaan explodes. Cut to a cranky old man, blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, surrounded by loved ones.

WIFE: Did you make a wish?

Alderaan explodes.Cut to 3 storm troopers in pool chairs.

ST1: Vader is just the best for giving us this 'productivity holiday'. I thought I'd be thrown into the Saarlac pit for the number of times I've managed to miss rebels at point blank range.

ST2: I'm so glad I opted out of my life insurance like he suggested.

ST1: Did you take up that will writing course?
ST2: Oh yeah. It's really amazing what you have to say before you die. Some times, even ironic.

ST3: Hey, isn't this planet getting destroyed today?

ST1: Nope, nope, that would be Alderaan, we're on Dagobah.

ST3: No, this definitely Alderaan.

Alderaan explodes.