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Theme 4


<Normal lighting, slightly blue>

LEIKA, STELLA in now closed down bar.

Leika: It looks so different when it’s empty.
Stella: It’s so quiet. It’s unnerving.
Leika: To think the last time I was here...
Stella: Now it’s only full of memories.
Leika: I guess it’s just you and me.
Kristie: And us!
Leika: It’s like .. I can still hear the echoes of the old bar.
Kristie: You can hear us.
Kristoff: (slightly behind) You can hear us
Stella: What I would give for Kristie and Kristoff to be here
Kristoff: We are.
Kristie: (slightly behind) We are.
Leika: It’s almost like .. They are here but have no reverence for the kind of moment we were trying to build.
Kristie: That does seem like us.
Kristoff: That does seem like us.
Stella: Why are you echoing each other.
Leika: (slightly behind) Why are you echoing each other? (beat) Okay, that is quite fun. What are you doing here?
Kristie: We were always
Kristoff: We were alw-
Kristie: Stop that. We were always here.
Kristoff: Why would we leave?
Stella: The bar’s closed. It’s over.
Leika: Guys.. Crabby’s dead.
Kristie: Heh, it’d take more than death to stop Crabby from bar tending.
Stella: No, it would take exactly death to stop Crabby from bar tending.
Kristoff: Ah, that’s what you think. Follow me.
Stella: You didn’t move.
Kristoff: I tried! Oh god, I tried! I’ve lost all muscle mass! How long have we been sitting here? What year is it?
Kristie: Do we still measure things in years?
Kristoff: What do we use instead!?
Kristie: Is it people!? Oh god, it’s people! They’re measuring things in people!
Kristoff: You monsters! (smashes glass) (beat) I’ll .. I’ll get that. (tries to move) Oh god! It’s so far! That’s at least two and a half people away!
Leika: What do we do, Stella? Everything’s falling apart. Crabby’s gone. The bar’s gone. Neil’s frozen in a block of carbonite. And Buzz.. I don’t even want to think about Buzz.
Stella: Well, there’s a first.
Leika: How could you do this, Stella?
Stella: I was trying to protect you!
Leika From what!?
Stella: Boys!
Leika: I don’t understand.
Stella: They’re wo-
Leika: They aren’t wolves!
Stella: I didn’t want to lose you.
Leika: So you decided to infiltrate the American base, kill the leader of their forces and turn us into fugitives.
Stella: I have abandonment issues!
Leika: When we went to the Freedom Dome, were you there to keep me safe, or to take out the American commander? Were you there as a sister or a soldier?
Stella: I can be two things!
Leika: Not if you want us to stay friends.
Stella: I was saving you!
Leika: From what!?
Stella: From throwing away your life. From betraying your country. From betraying your family. I was saving you from yourself.
Leika: You’ve torn Buzz and I apart! We can never be together now!
Stella: What a shame that is.
Leika: .. You did this on purpose.
Stella: Leika
Leika: No, you did. You did this all on purpose to drive Buzz and I apart.
Stella: I didn’t
Leika: Why did you bring the carbonite gun, Stella!?
Stella: It was in my pocket!
Leika: Why did you use it!?
Stella: It was in my pocket!
Leika: You’ve struck the first blow, Stella. You froze their commander! You’ve turned a cold war hot! You have spaceblood on your spacehands. You have to turn yourself in, Stella. It’s the only way to stop this.
Stella: It’s too late! It’s done. Let’s just get on with our lives
Leika: Get on with our lives? Like Neil? Like Crabby? Like all the soldiers about to die right here because of you?
Stella: You can’t stop the war, Leika. You used to fight it.
Leika: Now I am fighting it. We have to end this. I have to end this.
Stella: Leika, you’re my sister. You can’t turn me in just for some guy. You can’t give me over to them. They’re the enemy.
Leika: I don’t even see enemies anymore. I just see people with faces... And ears...
Stella: You can’t turn me in!
Leika: Get out of here, Stella. Run away and never return.
Stella: Leika..
Leika: Go!
(Stella leaves)
Leika: What am I going to do?
(Kristoff and Kristie pull their stools over to either shoulder)

Kristie: You can’t turn her in Leika, she’s your sister.
Kristoff: You have to turn her in, Leika. She’s your sister.
Leika: I .. what will happen?
Kristie: They’ll kill her!
Kristoff: They’ll kill everyone!
Leika: But.. what she did ..
Kristie: All’s fair in love and war
Leika: SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! If I turn her in, I could stop the war. I could clear my name. I could see Buzz again.
Kristie: Your family will hate you. Your country will hate you. Even the Americans will hate you if you turn Stella in.
Leika: But... Buzz -  .. Buzz already hates me. And as long as he hates me .. I can’t hurt him again.
(Smoke starts)
Leika: Kristoff?
Kristoff: I got nothing.
Leika: The funny thing is .. the one person who could really help me here is Buzz. Everyone else is dead or gone.

<Spotlight on BARMAN, it doesn't move when he does>
Barman: (voiceover) Not exactly.

(smoke billows out of the bar and Barman appears through the smoke)

Leika: Crabby!? I thought you were dead.
Barman: Ah, that’s what I wanted you to think. Also, that’s what happened.
Leika: Am I dreaming?
Barman: Ha, if you were dreaming would I be wearing this stylish suit?
Leika: I guess you’re right. But how are you back?
Barman: Let me answer your question with another question.
Leika: Well, you’ve done neither of the things you promised.
Barman: Let me answer your statement with another statement. How are you?
Leika: That’s a question.
Barman: That’s a statement.
Leika: Fair.
Barman: How are you?
Leika: Conflicted.
Barman: Yes, I’ve seen. I don’t miss a thing that happens in this bar.
Leika: What am I supposed to do? The war’s torn this moon apart. I don’t think anything can stop it now.
Barman: Lookee here, missy. I don’t talk about the war. Not my style. But I’ll talk about it to you. You’ve got yourself here one doozy of a pickle. There ain’t no way out that’s gonna get everyone out. But let me tell you this. I tried my best to stop this war while I could. Gosh darn it, I gave my god damned life away trying to stop it. And if you have got a way here that you can end this thing it’s your responsibility to end it now. You’ve got to end it for me. You’ve got to end it for Mr. Armstrong. And most importantly, you’ve got to end it for Buzz. Or he’ll die fighting it. You’ve got to take your chances and end this now.`
Leika: But how am I supposed to turn Stella in!? She’s my sister .. I can’t! I can’t turn her in! .. But I can turn myself in... I have to, Crabby. It’s the only way.
Kristoff: (slightly behind) the only way
Leika: I have to face my destiny
Kristie: (slightly behind) face my destiny
Leika: I’ll turn myself in and I’ll stop this war.
Both: (slightly behind) Stop this war
Leika leaves
Both: (keep echoing) Stop this war, stop this war
Barman: And you two .. it’s time to go.
Kristoff: We can’t go Crabby.
Kristie: We can’t leave you here.
Barman: I ain’t coming back, you two. Its last drinks for me..
Kristoff: But we can’t go, Crabby.
Kristie: She’s right. We literally physically cannot move.
Barman: Well.. <Spotlight fades>
Barman: You’re gonna have to.
(They very slowly VERY SLOWLY rise and take their first steps onto the ground as the theme picks up)
(Crabby fades away)
(They’re standing)
(They walk out to the theme)