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Pitch Dump

So both Sam and JP wound up pitching a bunch of ideas for NASAblanca, and there was a bunch of great discussion about it as well, so here's a place to throw all of that stuff!

JP's NASAblanca pitch:


America wants to colonise space
Russia tries to stop america
There is a love story between an American and a Russian
America wins


America, Russia. Space Race. A love story. Americanisms. City on the Moon.

CHARACTERS (naming is for distinguishing purposes only)

American President Roger Stevens
CIA/Astronaut Johnson
Moonwalker (aka the bad-ass elderly version of Neil Armstrong)
The Wildcats

*RUSSIA (just getting lazy with star wars references here)
Russian President 'Caterpillar' Palpatavski
General Vaderofski
His Aide, KGB Agent Mariya Putin (aka Maria Pewter)
The Kosmonauts


* The President meets with Johnson. He discusses his pride in Nasablanca and his desire to put a flag on every body in the known galaxy - The United Space of America
* Johnson’s got just the men for the job; Moonwalker and the Wildcats (the CIA's black ops flag planters).
* There's only one ship in the galaxy that could flag the stars themselves - Apollo 11. And it's docked at the city on the moon - Nasablanca.
* Johnson and Maria Pewter (one of the Wildcats) begin to develop feelings for each other
* Nasablanca is under Russian control
* The Americans are captured by the Russians (Maria is a mole).
* Mariya betrays Russia to free the Americans
* The climactic battle between the Americans and the Russians. Self destruct sequence started.
* The Americans rush for Apollo 11.
* The Americans ride Apollo 11 away from the exploding moon towards Mars

Sam's Pitch:
Cold war (it's actually cold)
USSR United Space of Soviet Russia "But I thought the USSR had disbanded." "that's what we wanted you to think!"
Jamaican bobsled team - cool runnings
[Space bar][alt/zxcvbnm stools]
Space beer
Space jam
Epic light-saber battle between USA and USSR/ light saber dance
Spotnick is a tumble weed
Space wolves: the prodigy of that dog who was sent into space, Lyca.
No one can hear you scream in space

Possible story arc:
War on moon. Space race to mars.
Bar on the moon (in Soviet side).
Protagonist (bar owner) gets documents allowing passage for two people to US side of moon.
Protagonist's ex and her new husband, show up needing documents, they will pilot the US ship to mars.
Baddies try to shut them down.
Protagonist is disheveled.
Ex confesses love.
Prot fools bad guys.
Ex and husband leave.
Protagonist waves them goodbye.

Possible arc:
Neil Armstrong owns the bar, NASA wants to colonize Earth, sends Adam and Eve.
United Space of America vs United Space of Soviet Russia

We need a logo and type face.
Can fly objects, maybe people, can definitely put people on rolling platforms.
I would like have a scene in pitch black except for a spot light, maybe when they're traveling through space. Possible Tron UV Lighting.
I would like it to have a really amazing atmosphere. I want it to feel very spaceish when you enter. Think space mountain (Disney Land) if you've ever been on it. - Post up really fantastic space music if you guys find any.

Other things

- Finding a way to incorporate the band into the staging of theme. Works well with the classic bar setting of Casablanca.
- Lightsaber dance fight!
Josh Pearse,
May 19, 2011, 12:46 AM