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*Yahweh and Zeus

<Normal lighting, or slightly yellow/blue>

Yahweh (GOD) is doing daily Godly things (answering prayer phones, etc.) ZEUS walks in.
ZEUS: Well well well. Look who it is.

GOD: Zeus! Ruler of the Sky and Thunder! How are you doing today, friend?

ZEUS: Cut the bullshit, God.

GOD: Come now, Zeus. There's no need to be so rude.

ZEUS: Rude? Rude?! You know what's rude, God? Rude is when you and Odin and Ra all get together and have a big session of "lets make fun of Zeus' sex addiction"...

GOD: Now Zeus, that only happened once.

ZEUS: ...and then have the audacity to go out and knock up some virgin!

GOD: I don't know what you're talking about.

ZEUS: Don't be coy with me, God.

GOD: You're talking crazy, Zeus. You don't know anything.

ZEUS: Give it a day and everyone will know about your filthy little tumble with...

GOD: (whispering) Look, will you keep it down? Yes, there's a woman carrying my child.

ZEUS: You mean there's a girl you banged who is carrying your child.

GOD: I didn't bang her! I just left a part of me inside her!

ZEUS stiffles a laugh

GOD: You're disgusting. It's not what you think!
ZEUS: Please, do you know how many times I've used that line on Hera?

GOD: This is more than just one of your taudry tumbles, Zeus. She's special.

ZEUS: They're all special.

GOD: She's carrying the saviour of all mankind!

ZEUS: Please. You know how many of my kids are the saviours of man kind? Myrmidon, Perseus, Hercules. I'm a heromaker, baby! 

GOD: I don't have time to talk about your crazy college fuck-fests, Zeus! My son is going to be born from a pure virgin birth and his life is going to save all of mankind. Forgive me if I have better things to do than jest about your uncontrollable sex addiction.

GOD exits the stage

ZEUS: Uncontrollable sex addiction. I'll show him. Hermes, get in here.

HERMES: (entering) Yes sir!

ZEUS: Get my romancing boots from Aphrodite. I'm heading to Israel. I've a son to father.

HERMES: Very good sir. Would you like me to put his name on the register?

ZEUS: Yes Hermes. I think I'll call him... Judas.


<Lights down>