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Grass is Greener (Nude Sketch)

Tentatively titled nude sketch idea.

This could be a series of Disney songs, or just popular songs. (Disney is always a crowd favourite though).

The fundamental idea of the sketch is about a female lead wanting to be a man, and a male lead wanting to be a woman. For the sake of this being the nude sketch, it would largely be physical reasons. The plot overview I had was like this:

- Guys, getting changed after sport practice, decide to streak through the girls locker room
- Guys streak through girls locker room
- FEMALE LEAD, in a towel, sings of her desire to be a man (The female CHORUS is here as backup).
- Cut to MALE LEAD, back in guys locker room, who sings of his desire to be a woman (The male CHORUS is here as backup).
- The two meet in a lab, where a SCIENTIST sings of how he will switch their bodies (this is where the idea came to me from. In this bit, it would be excellent to have the leads behind x-ray screens that cover simply what needs covering.)
- Just before switching, the two realise what they'd miss - and decide to not switch bodies, instead embracing their own skin. A resounding celebration of wanting to be your own naked self closes the number.