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Science or Magic?

Science or Magic?

The sketch opens in a classroom of middle school students and a teacher.

Teacher: “Today Children, we have a very special guest, Dr. E. Static. He is going to explain to us, the miracle of Science!”

Dr. “I think you mean the ‘magic’ of Science!”

Teacher: “uh…”

Dr. “Well children, let us get to it, shall we? First question. Where does the light in the light bulb come from?”

Student: “Uh… heat and light generated from electric currents?”

Dr. “Hahaha, Oh, you were serious. Sorry, but you really couldn’t be more wrong. Light, children, comes from magical demons! That’s right. Manufacturing companies pay big buck for us scientists to capture and enslave small demons, we call them imps. And place them into the light bulbs!”

Students: “Ooooh.”

Teacher: “ahhhh…”

Dr. “But, as I’m sure you kids know, you can’t actually see demons until you turn 18, so don’t bother trying to look for them. They also disappear the moment the bulb breaks! Now what other things would you like to learn about today?”

Teacher while dragging Dr. to one side: “Wait, what? You can’t tell these children this! It’s a bold face lie!”

And the ending I think should either go

1.       The dr. admits due to popularity of Harry Potter, Sydney university science degrees enrolments  have dropped, so in order to inspire more children to be scientists they must all be lied to.

2.       Dr. actually believes this, and in Gnome theory.