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*Picnic Mime


    [Lights up]

    Louise on stage flying kite.

    Matt enters flying a kite and gets entangled with Louise. They untangle, Matt gives Louise a flower and exits. Louise sits down and plucks the flower. Matt re-enters with a real flower and plucks it.

    Louise stands up and both walk forward. They begin to fly a kite . They stop. Matt lays out a picnic blanket and they proceed to have a picnic. Matt lights two candles. Lie down. After a while it begins raining. They pack up.

    Matt steps on flower. They argue. Louise throws flower at Matt and exits.

    Matt on stage and Louise enters on Juliet. They pace. Matt has an idea and then exits.

    He re-enters ‘carrying’ a boombox. He throws rocks at Louise on the Juliet. She peers out and he raises boombox above his head for the first time. No music plays.

    Matt places it down on the ground. He hits it on the side and the music (Want You Back For Good – Take That) starts playing and he holds it aloft.

    Music continues to play as Louise exits the Juliet. Matt places boombox down but music continues. Louise runs on stage and they hug.

    [Lights down]