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Birthday Suit - Nude Sketch

Lone person JOHN walks out on stage incredibly happy and wearing a giant birthday badge. GREG walks on stage.

JOHN: Hey Greg!

GREG walks straight across and off stage as if A does not exist
BARRY walks on
JOHN: Barry!
BARRY: Hey John, sorry can't stop.
BARRY walks off
GEMMA walks on
JOHN: Gemma!
GEMMA: Sorry John, I am really in a rush, I'll see you later.
GEMMA walks off
JOHN begins to look sad, the audience "aww"s
ADAM: (backstage) Okay everybody. One two three!
JOHN'S FRIENDS enter, naked, with balloons, presents, banners, cake, etc for modesty, they sing
JOHN'S FRIENDS: Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear John.
Happy birthday to you!

ADAM: John, we all chipped in and bought you this birthday suit.

One of JOHN'S FRIENDS hands JOHN a modest present, ADAM rips off JOHN's (quick release) clothing.

JOHN: Awe, thanks guys.

They group hug, lights down