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Life Ensurance

AMY is standing on top of a building looking down like she is about to jump. Her sister BETH enters.

AMY: Au revoir cruel world!
BETH: Amy! No! Don't jump please!
AMY: Why not?
BETH: We love you Amy, everyone does, mum, dad.
AMY: yeah I know
BETH: you've always been an amazing little sister Amy.
AMY: yeah I know
BETH: So don't jump please Amy, I don't want you to die.
AMY: Don't worry, I have life ensurance!
BETH: Huh?
AMY: I have life ensurance
BETH: That won't stop you dying.
AMY: Yes it will
BETH: No it won't
AMY: Yes it will. My life is ensured
BETH: I think you are confusing ensurance with insurance.
AMY: No I have life ensurance. I got a great deal, $20 a week so that my life is ensured.
BETH: No no Amy. Life insurance is where you pay some money so that if you die your family can afford to pay for the funeral. There is no such thing as Life ensurance.
AMY: Wait. So life insurance is just for the people you leave behind?
BETH: Exactly, it's no use when you're dead Amy. Come on lets go inside
(puts arms around AMY)
AMY: Hey sis. Do you have life insurance?
BETH: yes why?
(AMY pushes BETH off the building and dusts her hands)
AMY: Life ensured!