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<Normal lighting>
CHARLIE: Okay, guys - we still have no idea where Dave is!
ALEX: Oh, man. (laugh) I can't believe this. Where is he!?
CHARLIE: Oh god, this is our whackiest prank yet!
BRUCE: Alright, lets backtrack. we gambled, won poker, went to the strip show... and then I think we hit up a bar.
ALEX: Yeah, yeah! Dave was there when we were at the bar.
CHARLIE: Oh man, we've gotta find him. Stacey's gonna kill us.
ALEX: It's just a prank! Just a prank!
BRUCE: Shut up! We have to find him! The wedding's in an hour! What happened next! 
ALEX: (Points at Alex) You got that tattoo!
CHARLIE: (Points) I'd never get a tattoo! (Sees inner arm) Damn it. I got a tattoo.
BRUCE: And then we .. we went .. we went to the putt putt arena.
CHARLIE: Oh yeah! I remember putting on the 6th hole.
BRUCE: Yeah! I remember Dave was there! But we never finished that ga-
ALEX: Guys.... We killed him.
BRUCE: Oh, you're right... We killed him.
ALEX: Haha! He is gonna be maaaad.
BRUCE: So mad! Kill the groom. Classic bachelor party prank.
CHARLIE: We killed Dave!?
ALEX: Oh my god, can you imagine the look on Stacy's face when she finds out.
BRUCE: Haha! Yeah! She’ll be all like (BOTH:) “Why's he dead”?
CHARLIE: Oh god, what have we done?
ALEX: What do you mean, what have we done? We've killed Dave. It was your idea, remember.
BRUCE: Oh yeah! You were mad that he took two shots in a row at putt putt and so you thought it would be funny to beat him to death with a club.
ALEX: It was pretty funny.
BRUCE: And pretty ironic too, because he didn't want to be beaten to death with a club.
CHARLIE: I .. I killed him?
BRUCE: And then you just wanted to go down to the pier and dump the body.
ALEX: And we did!
BRUCE: Yeah! And then as you threw him in the water .. oh what did Charlie say. .
ALEX: Um.. oh god It was so funny .. um .. oh yeah. You were just screaming
BOTH: “Fuck you, Dave! I'll see you in hell!”
ALEX: over and over.
CHARLIE: (putting on jacket) Oh god. How could I have done this. What have I done!?
BRUCE: Calm down, Charlie. It was just a prank.
ALEX: Yeah, Bachelor party doesn't end just because the groom's dead!
CHARLIE: That’s exactly why a bachelor party would end!
BRUCE: Oh yeah.
ALEX: Dammit Charlie you killed the party.
CHARLIE: I killed Dave!
BRUCE: You killed two things!
ALEX: Stacey’s gonna be maaad.
CHARLIE: We need to turn ourselves in! I'm going to the police
(Charlie leaves, others follow)
BOTH: Here's to Charlie, he's true blue. He's a pisspot through and through. Killed his best friend so they say. Tried to dump the body but he couldn't get away he's going down! down! down! down!
<Fade to black>