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Good Cop X Cop

Something along the lines of...


1: Alright Jerry. It looks like we're going to need to use the old good cop, bad cop routine.
1: It's not working. We'll have to try the old good cop, Brad cop routine.
1: Damn it. Time for the old good cop, dad cop routine.
1: Good cop blood clot routine!

Good Cop Brad Cop "Hi. I'm Brad."
Good Cop Dad Cop  "I'm not angry. Just disappointed."
Good Cop Bad Crop
Good Cop Sad Cop
Good Cop Mad Cop
Good Cop Fad Cop "Ever tried the Atkins diet? It's a powerful life-time approach to successful weight loss and weight management."
Good Cop Bad Croissant 
Good Cop Bad Carp - "Magicarp used Splash!"
Good Cop Bad Cup
Good Cop Blood Clot "Ah! I have a blood clot!"
Good Cop Bod Cap
God Cop Bad Coop
Good Cop God Cop
Good Cop Lawfully Neutral Cop
Good Cop Dance Cop - has a small song and dance number on how it won't hold up in court/have no alibi
Good Cop Bad Pun Cop -
                                BP Cop:"Looks like we gotcha 'caged in'" (it's supposed to be that bad)
                                Suspect: "This is such a 'cop' out..."
                                BP: *gasps* "It's not working. Time for Plan B!"

Already done:
Good Cop Good Cop
Good Cop Evil Cop
Good Cop (actually) Bad Cop
Good Cop Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cop