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God's Game

Lights up.

There are two PHD STUDENTS sitting at a desk.
  GOD is a voice-over.

PHD1: Wait, this can’t be right…
PHD2: What is it?
PHD1: Well, according to this, we’ve been getting a Universal Constant wrong, if I’m correct this change should make life in the universe impossible.
PHD2: So… we’re defying physics?  There’s something keeping us alive?  A guiding hand- (short pause, then yelling upwards) Hey God, we found you!
GOD: Aw shucks. Okay, now it's your turn to hide! ... 1, 2, 3, 4,

PHD1 and PHD2 start looking for hiding places.

Lights down.


PHD1: Hide and seek? How do we know you aren’t just going to turn your all seeing eye on us?
GOD: Silly thing, you’re confusing me with Sauron, common mistake. How about Monopoly?
PHD2: Surely only Satan would suggest such a game!
GOD: Well, do you want to play Evolution then?  I'm rather good at that one!
PHD1: Last time you did that our retinas wound up backwards.
GOD: ...and yet they still work!

Lights down.