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Care Bears of Doom

Care Bears of Doom

Originally written by Samuel Jenkins, James Kwong and me (Liz Alexander) in 2010 :D
It's a typical day in Care-A-Lot for the lovely, happy, joyful Care Bears.
All Bears have absurdly high voices and epitomise sunshine and happiness.

Sunshine Bear: Good Morning Laugh-a-lot!
Laugh-a-lot: Good Morning Sunshine Bear!
Sunshine Bear: Isn't it just! The Sun is in the sky smiling down on us, the clouds are fluffy and there are all my friends!
Sleepy Bear: *Yawn* What a wonderful, happy morning! I feel so full of joy and wonder! Where should we go today?
Sunshine Bear: How about the mystical, amazing Waterfalls of Joy and Happiness?
Laugh-a-lot: Yeah! With the Pools of Happiness!
Sleepy Bear: Oh boy! Let's get going!
Bears prance across stage.
Fun Bear: We're here everyone!
All Bears: Yay!
Sunshine Bear: But oh no! The Pools of Happiness and Waterfall of Joy are drying up!
Rainbow Happy Bear: This is really really bad! All the happiness in the world is draining away!
The bears begin forming a semicircle and are all chittering in worry.
Sleepy Bear: What can we do?
Laugh-a-lot: I don't know!
Sunshine Bear: Me neither! Oh how bad!
Rainbow Bear: *Starts softly crying* I don't want to not be happy...
Voice Over: *Disturbing, low voice* THE TIME HAS COME.
Red lighting, darker stage. The bears chant. The semi-circle splits in half to reveal a small, now very very scared Care Bear that was standing behind it. They begin to lift the small bear.
Indianna Jones walks in, observes scene. : Well Fuck this Shit. (runs back offstage.)

Tiny Cute Bear: Wha-wha-huh-...
The chanting quickens. 
Sunshine Bear rips out the still beating (human) heart of the tiny bear and holds it aloft! The Bears drop the dead bear on the floor and ignore it.
Fun Bear: *Disturbing, low voice* IT IS DONE.
The lighting returns to normal.
All Bears: *In high voice* Yay!
Sleepy Bear: The waters are filling with happiness again!
Sunshine Bear: And joy! Yay!
Laugh-a-lot: The world will be happy again!
Bears cavort gleefully. Loving bear enters from offstage.
Loving Bear: Oh no... we don't have any bread for the sandwiches of love!
Bears all Freeze.
Voice Over: *Disturbing, low voice* ... THE TIME HAS COME.

The semi circle begins to split revealing another small care bear.
Lights down.