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*3rd Wheel Balloon


MONICA and SAM in a hot air balloon. <Normal sunning lighting, blue, with spots on three people in balloon basket>

MONICA: It sure is beautiful up here.

SAM: Yeah, I think I can see my house over there (puts his arm around her).

MONICA: But your house is over there.

SAM: Yeah, I'm very lost.

BOTH: Ha ha ha.

(BEN rises up behind them.)

BEN: HA HA HA. Well. It's getting late, and I've got work early tomorrow morning, so I think I might head off, and leave you two, to enjoy the scenery.

(They laugh)

(BEN starts trying to exit the balloon)

SAM: Woh woh woh! What the hell are you doing?

BEN: Hey, there's no need for that kind of language. I'm just heading home.

SAM: What, why?

BEN: No reason, just heading home, is there anything wrong with that?

MON: There is when you're 3000 feet above the ground.

BEN: Really, my house is literally 5 seconds that way. It's fine. I'm just gonna head off.

(BEN starts exiting the balloon).

SAM & MON: Woah woah stop!

BEN: Look. I'm just getting a really strong third wheel vibe.

MON: What? No! Me and Sam, we're not-

SAM: No, definitely not.

BEN: Oh, no, it's okay, I get it. (starts exiting the balloon)

SAM & MON: No no no! Stop!

I can't help but feel like I'm to blame for this whole - sexual tension - thing...

SAM: We're not-

MON: Seriously, nothing going on.

BEN: I'm just gonna head home.

(BEN continues exiting)

SAM: Woah stop!


SAM: Please stay, if anything we need you to quell the surging sexual tension, and you also have so much to live for.

BEN: I know, but it's okay. I'm seriously just gonna head home. (tries to exit balloon several times; starts making a joke out of it; MON and SAM stop him)


BEN: It is! But right now is not the time for my unusual brand of comedy hijinks. And I can respect that. So I'm just gonna head home. 

(BEN fakes jumping off again, and smiles and points at MON and SAM. MON and SAM relax. They laugh. BEN takes the chance and throws himself over the edge).

BOTH: (screams) Oh my god! He jumped.


(They start making out passionately)

<Lights down>