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The (Microsoft) Office

Please note: I have never watched The Office.

Chloe had an idea a few Fridays ago about various programs being anthropomorphised. I think The (Microsoft) Office is a great pun for a show about Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint (they're all siblings) starting a small business together. 

Word is the over-helpful older sibling - "Oh! Looks like you're writing a letter! Would you like some help with that?" "No, Word! No. I can do this myself. Okay? I'm twenty five, for god's sake. I don't need you to do everything for me any more!"
Excel handles the finance side, managing accounts and numbers and stuff. A little OCD about making sure everything adds up, that things are perfectly arranged at right angles, etc.
PowerPoint is a show-off. He/she gives presentations to investors, does the pitching to venture capitalists, etc.

I'd like to see how they handle a conflict together - something like they've lost a major sponsor (probably the Lansdowne, fuckers), and how they work past their dysfunctional relationship to win it back.