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Mini Camp Ideas

Hey Guys
So these are a whole heap of the excellent ideas we all came up with at mini camp. They are really excellent. Feel free to write about ANY of them or new ones!
  • Someone who claps and people die.
  • Robots in love.
  • How words came into being
  • Literal Star Wars
  • A sketch written in LOLCAT
  • Symmetry scene
  • The Eagle has landed
  • Someone who puts the wrong emphasis on their words
  • The birds and the bees not understanding the birds and the bees
  • Choose police or ghostbusters when robberies are occuring on your street?
  • Horrorscopes being filled with horror.
  • Real life Cluedo detective.
  • Guess Who sketch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Moose Code (voiceover)/Horse Code (voiceover)/Norse Code (Voiceover)
  • Evil petshop
  • Passive aggressive Fight Club
  • Internet Pirates on a pirate ship (possible video sketch, a trailer)
  • Feedback forms (relationship, superhero rescue...)
  • Activist against sitting as chairs have feelings
  • Life inside the Pokeball
Guys and Gals these are awesome ideas so writing them would be rad!