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Film Noir trailer: "Finding Nemo"

I would like us to reboot Finding Nemo as a film-noir detective movie.

Marlin is a detective whose son has been kidnapped by a killer known only as "The Diver" - a shadowy figure who uses a scuba mask to disguise his identity. To rescue his son, Marlin has to work with Dory, the only person to escape the Diver's lair. Unfortunately, as a result of the PTSD and cranial damage she suffered her imprisonment, she has chronic short term memory loss.

There's a gang in the city called the Sharks, as well.

I see this as a trailer, and we'd want to basically hit as many Finding Nemo jokes as possible. Don't worry about a coherent story. Just help me make a list of Finding Nemo staples and their film equivalents.

There will definitely be a dramatic shot of Dory smoking a cigarette as she looks out the window and replies, "You just keep swimming."

  • Marlin as an overprotective detective father
  • Dory has short-term memory loss because of psychological/cranial torture
  • Dory can read human and knows the way to Sydney -> Dory has been kidnapped before, and the difficulties ensue because she can't remember everything.
  • Sharks -> A gang called 'The Sharks'
  • Nemo is kidnapped by a diver -> Nemo is kidnapped by a killer who wears a diving mask to protect his identity
  • Speaking whale -> ???
  • Jellyfish -> ???
  • Submarine -> The submarine is where the Shark gang hangs out, and Dory/Marlin need to go there because the Sharks have some info they need.
  • The dentist and his daughter -> The dentist is a serial killer whose daughter needs human flesh.