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Human Keyboard

HUMAN KEYBOARD. The choir stands in a line in ascending order of vocal range, dressed in black and white to represent the keys of a piano. Each singer sings their respective note when the conductor points to them. The conductor plays some familiar piano tunes (e.g. Chopsticks, Fur Elise). Hilarity ensues when the keys interact with each other/ compete for the conductor's attention.


- two conductors, left hand and right hand
- begin with a major scale
- Chopsticks, black keys get jealous--> Flea Waltz, Space Odyssey theme
- other possible tunes: Rugrats theme, Fur Elise, Piano Man, Clocks, Heart and Soul, the Flea Waltz
- misplaced key: a bass is standing in amongst the sopranos
- two or three pedals: people just lying down in front of the conductor
- conductor is elevated in some way above the keyboard
- finish with a glissando!
- keys bob down when they're being played (as though they're being pushed)