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Priority List

This is a list of everything we need done ASAP. At the moment though, we've just started writing for the show, so nothing's particularly urgent. But if we find we're low on songs or don't have any video sketches, we'll put a note saying we need them on this page. Only the production team will post here. If you're not on the production team, please don't edit this page, just leave comments.


Closing song
Closing dance
Nude sketch

Good Cop, Juliet Cop – More “Pop a capulet in your ass” type phrases
Hangover – Punchline, make tattoo funnier
Hermione's a witch – Punchline
Hostages – Fix up candy, cut down?
Trojan Horse – Cleaner punchline than getting another character in?/God?
Theme - More LPMs
Optimus and Sam – J/C want to rewrite

Golden Girls needs to be filmed.


[1/1] Title of Show
[20/20] Sketches
[3/3] Songs
[2/2] Dances
[4/4] Video Sketches
(/20) Voice Overs
[5/5] Theme Sketches
[1/1] Opening Song/Opening Dance
(/1) Closing Song/Closing Dance

[] complete () estimate