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We Need To Dress The King (I Just Can't Wait To Be King)

SERVANT #1: We're gonna have to dress the king, but everyone beware
the king has not yet realised
he's looking oh so bare

SERVANT #2: We need to find some real pants
KING: I'm starting a parade!
SERVANT#2 : That might be a bad idea-
KING: There's no need to be afraid...

SERVANT#1: The kingdom's gonna see his thing!

KING: ...when you're dressed as well as the king!

KING: I look so good in this (S2: err Sir...)
Just like a king should (S1: My liege...)
There should be a law that (S2: Your majesty...)
Stops me looking this good! (S1: My eyes!)
Who cares if peasants can't afford food
When I look-
PEASANT: Hey guys! The king's nude!
(Laughter from PEASANTS)

SERVANT #2: Your majesty I think it's time
For you to take your leave
SERVANT #1: No need to be embarrased
In front of commoners and theives

KING: Wait! I am the monarchy and decree
Get naked!
PEASANT: But our clothing? And our modesty?
KING: Lose that or lose your heads!

(Naked SOLDIERS enter and tear away PEASANT clothing)

SERVANT #1: My liege this law is wildly out of wing-
KING: You will be as nude as your king!

SERVANT #1: It's a bit extreme-
SERVANT #2: It's gonna cause strife-
KING: Either get your pants off
Or I will take your life!

(Naked EXECUTIONERS enter)
SERVANTS: Please don't!!

ALL (except KING): We chose to try and make fun of the king
Now we must choose between our heads rolling
Or standing here displaying all our things

ALL: And now we're nude as the king
And now we're nude as the king
And now we're as nude
As the king!
Josh Pearse,
Aug 19, 2011, 2:43 PM