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Pitch Black

I would like to see a scene with no stage lighting used.

Idea 1: Zombies

The band finishes playing, the lights dim. Darkness. The band plays in the dark. The theatre doors burst open behind the audience and 4 survivors run in, and seal the doors behind them. The survivors run down the stairs with torchlight coming from their torches/torches mounted on guns.
Zombies file in from the dark, and rise from the audience (audience plants). The zombies getting shot and blood (capsules) explodes. The survivors scamper over the stage and disapear back stage. You can see their lights moving about. They appear on the juliets and a horde of zombies begins acruing below them. A sketch about surviving zombie apocalypses to follow.

Horror tropes:
- person who gets bitten attacks the group later in the adventure
- the difference levels of zombie intelligence/stamina/speed: resident evil vs Dawn of the dead vs Shaun of the dead etc
- useful items always in destroyable (not openable), crates
- zombies attracted to noise
- cutting off the head of zombies
- having a single bullet left
- in the right combination, with a little duct tape, everything is a weapon
- do zombies maintain a biological fear of things? (agoraphobia, snakes, heights) - zombies may walk through fire, but you never see them fall off a cliff

Idea 2: Tron

Using white tape and black lighting. Sketch or dance.


Audience are more likely to heckle in the dark, need to keep them engaged when it's dark.