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Join us, Thursday Night at 8pm for America's new favourite whacky comedy line up. 

She's a country girl who moved to the big city in search of a dream.

He's a gargantuan mythical squid thought to dwell off the coast of Norway

It's the original odd couple! 

Tune in for: What's Kraken? 

You loved him at home in "What's Kraken?", now see him as an intern in one of New York's biggest advertising departments. Will Greg get his report in on time? Will he tell Jenny that he loves her? Will he swallow the HMS Lutherboard and its 1400 crewmen to the briny deep? Find out tonight in America's favourite spin-off: Kraken the Whip!

America went wild for his home life in "What's Kraken?" They loved him as an intern in "Kraken the whip!" Now, join our colossal squid hero as he becomes CEO of the advertising firm. Will the deal with Branson Advertisements fall through? Will Greg appease the stockholders? Will the souls of the HMS Lutherboard ever reach heaven? Find out in the business-class final series: Kraken under pressure!

- Now, the long awaited sequel to Darwinian evolution! Darwinian Evolution: The next generation.

Hey Sarah, those shoes really bring out your eyes
Why thank you, I think they - AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

~ Voice 1: Up next on Dancing with the Stars
Voice 2: Oh God!   I'm burning to Death!

One fateful evening in 1934 Sigmund Freud attempted his first ever stand up comedy.
"Hey, great to be here. So, what's the deal with airline penis?"

Schrodinger's Cat: The original atomic kitten

(Said as an advertisement) Do you hate boat people? Do you oppose gay marriage? Do you believe a woman's place is in the kitchen? Have you considered.. killing yourself?

~ Mathematical boy band: Euclid's on the Block.

- Quantum tunneling: think outside the box.

-Quantum Mechanics: Because maybe, in some parallel world, she finally loves me.

-"New web censorship laws have outraged the local community"
       Spider News Daily

A: You're not very good at this are you?
B: Yes I am.
A: No you're not.
B: How so?
A: Well, for starters, you're not supposed to show me your cards.
B: I don't?
A: Secondly, the object of the game isn't to lose all of your money as quickly as possible.
B: It isn't?
A: And thirdly, we're not playing strip poker. Put your pants back on.