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Mime at Border Security

List of Characters


He has mime face paint – will immediately draw attention to certain ideas/characteristics associated with mimes.

Horizontal Striped shirt

Black Pants

Beret (if necessary)

Security Guards (x2)

White shirt

Brown/Black Trousers


Extras (x4-10)

Casual Clothes

Begin Scene

A guy in a line at security – entering the country

Mimes checking his watch – shot hides the fact that he is miming holding bags

Sniffer dog checking out his “bags”- area near him, nothing there

Dog leaves, his hand snatches the air

Mimes putting bags on conveyor belt

Steps through the metal detector - alarm goes off

He has forgotten to take off his belt and shoes! Sighs, mimes takes shoes off and belt.

Goes through the gate (has make up exaggerated Happy face) - doesn't beep

Cuts to the x-ray machine – shows laptop, knife, explosives, 350 ml of water (empty), fruit, wooden crafts (bongos or maracas)

Stopped by security – nothing comes out of the machine

He mimes contents of the bag - mimes drinking contents of empty bottle, he mimes playing with maracas (actuals sound edited in post).

He gets led off by security – left by himself

Security lets him go – stands at attention next to him (Has make up Sadface)

He mimes being stuck in a cage/box

'1 hour later', security guard leaves, he is still stuck

'5 hours later' – Airport is empty. He is still in a box – finds a way out (Mime Elevator, Stairs, No Roof)

Mannesconi Slinks away

End Sketch (Potential end, punchy end could be good too)