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Frodo's marriage

<Shot of Hobbit Priest in slight under shot so you can see the hands of the two that he is marrying>
Hobbit Priest (HP): Now for the exchange of the rings, (looks at belladona)
Belladonna if you please repeat after me.
<Belladona (B) repeats everything HP says, in the brackets, camera shot of the ring and stays with it until it goes on to the man's finger>
HP: With this ring (with this ring), I thee wed (I thee wed), and with it, I bestow upon thee (and with it I bestow upon thee) all the treasures (all the treasures) of my mind, heart, and hands (of my mind my heart and my hands).
<Same slight under angle, still framing both hands and the shot of HP>
HP: Excellent, now <looks at the man> frodo...
<Close up of Frodo looking nervous and then grabbing the ring off presumably Samwise, cut to shot of the ring in frodo's fingers>
HP: With this ring... (shot of HP, Frodo doesn't repeat so HP tries again) With this ring... (shot of frodo looking intently at the ring)
F: With this ring (still looking intently at the ring)
(shot of HP who now smiles because frodo is repeating)
HP: I thee wed
F: with this ring
<HP frowns - Frodo still staring intently at the ring>
<shot of the hands again - this B's hand that is being held by frodo's grips very hard around frodo's fingers>
B: *whispered* give me the ring
<frodo still intently staring at ring>
B: *more strongly* give me the ring frodo
<frodo looks up and then a horrified look passes his face - shot of B>
B (who now looks like sauron in a wedding veil or just plain sauron, and sounds exactly like sauron): GIVE ME THE RING!
<shot of frodo screaming>
Old ideas
(lord of the rings)
Frodo and his bride are at the altar about to get married.....
Priest: "You may now put the ring on the bride"
Frodo:  "...err... well...."
Or: An alternative beginning to lord of the rings
Frodo gets an arranged marriage
Or: Frodo is the best man (a really excitable cute frodo would work the best with this one)