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Buzz Gets Mad

Buzz Lightyear and Woody having an argument, keeps closing in on face ups of the two...cuts to Buzz whilst Woody keeps speaking...
Woody: YOU! ARE! A! TOYYYYY! You aren't the real Buzz Lightyear! You're - you're an action figure!
(Buzz starts shaking with rage)
Woody: You can't fly! You didn't land here! You're laser isn't real!
(Buzz shakes violently with rage)
Woody: You are a child's play thing!
(Buzz shaking so comically violently)
Woody: YOU ARE A TOY!!!!!
Blackout (5 seconds later flashes on screen)
Buzz standing over Woody's corpse, pointing laser at his face
Buzz: I told you it was a real laser Woody, I told you!