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2nd screening

As Seen on TV: The Repeat

The Science Revue is producing a musical episode of the TV show "Pete Boone: Private Eye". You can Write/Direct/Act/Sing/Dance/

If you want to write for the episode, or have a major involvement, then you need to see season 3 of the show! By popular demand, we're having a second screening. This will be your last opportunity to get in on the action before next year, when casting starts.

Email with the following in order of preference:
A: 10am-4pm Wednesday 16th December
B: 10am-4pm Saturday 19th December
C: 10am-4pm Sunday 20th December
D: 10am-4pm Monday 21st December

A Long Nguyen, Felix 1st
B Felix 4th
C Aaron Sumners, Long Nguyen (maybe), Felix 2nd
D Aaron Sumners, Felix 3rd