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TV Show Musical

The Science Revue has been approached to collaborate on an anniversary episode of the cult tv show Pete Boone: Private Eye. How cool is that!

Before I go any further, I ask that you don't mention "Pete Boone" on Facebook for the time being and just call it "TV Musical" or similar. As the show has an established fan base we need to keep this under wraps until it's certain to go ahead.

Also, please note that the show's producer, David Murdoch, will probably be given an account to access this wiki (Hi David!)

Pete Boone is Australia's worst detective. He has never solved a case. This is primarily due to his naive approach - he believes that acting in the way detectives do in Agatha Christy novels, or like Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, etc. will actually solve cases in real life (ie. there is no background work to be done). The show's humour ranges from slapstick to obscure literary references, but is mostly centred around word play, particularly puns.

The show has no budget and is an ongoing passion project. It has existed in various forms for 25 years, with the current edition spanning three seasons and a fourth under way.

The show is very popular with an established fan base. There have been 640 screenings (including repeats) in the last 6 years on Foxtel's community channel - Aurora.

NB: Anyone who looks like Pete Boone (Xzander) is valuable as several doppelganger episodes have been made in the past, so if you seen anyone (Xzander) who fits this bill, make sure they don't cut their hair, dye it, put on weight or shrink. Approaching strangers in pubs (Xzander?) is totally fine, as this is how the current Pete Boone was found.

David Murdoch, the producer and main writer of the show is very flexible and is keen to give young talent (us) the opportunity to develop ourselves and have some fun with the show.

What we do:
  • write. the songs are already written and need to stand, but all the inbetween bits are for us to go wild with (anything already written is fully changeable).
  • direct (optional)
  • camera work (optional)
  • act - the three lead roles are played by the show's actors. We can cast our own members for any other roles, and/or request for the show's other actors to reprise their roles.
  • sing (we will need to sing a lot, including some of the main parts as those actors will need to lipsync)
  • choreograph & dance
  • costuming
  • video editing (optional)
  • crew (arrange food, boom mikes, sound recording, lighting, etc.)
  • recording a making of with our cameras (optional, for DVD extras and our own records I presume)
What we get:
  • have fun doing revue like stuff!
  • be on TV Australia Wide! (Foxtel's community channel: Aurora)
  • expenses paid (the show does not have a budget, so this is things like food, fuel, props we can't make, and anything we need for effects)
  • equipment provided (we would need to help find cheap/free recording studios for the songs)
  • financial contribution to the revue
  • ongoing opportunities to act/crew/direct/etc. the show
  • Filming to be finished end of February (or earlier)
  • Video editing to be finished end of March (or earlier)
  • Fourth season to start screening March/April
It's very important that anyone writing sees all season 3 first!
So come to the screenings that have been organised, or bug me ( ) if you're desperate for me to organise another one.

  • Proposal from Pete Boone's producer - David Murdoch
  • Coming Soon: Draft script for our episode (songs to stay, otherwise go wild)
  • Coming Soon: mp3s of music and songs

Further references:

Please work on writing as sub pages off this one.

Have fun!
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