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Sherlock Ohms Story Arc

Characters -


Sherlock Ohms - Lead detective
Dr Wattson - His sidekick
Carmen Sandiego - Female detective
Hamilton - Geologist - (Motive: Environmental) - Carmen's assistant


Jack O'Lantern - Heir to Candle Factory fortune (Motive: Money) - Engaged - Longs for Girl
The Major - Jealous brother of inventor - (Motive: Jealousy)
Inventor - Created the lightbulb
Priest - (Motive: Religious - "Only God can create light")
Mother - Host of the Party (No motive, she dies)
Daughter - (Being forced on inventor by her mother - secretly loves Jack - motive: kill inventor & avoid marrying him)

Bit parts

The Butler - Only performs medial tasks - enters and exits via smokebomb
Screamer - Fiancee of Jack's. Very sophisticated - easily (and constantly) horrified.
Lord Nosferatu of The Undead - Completely ordinary guy. Sherlock assumes he is guilty based on his name.

Story -

Act One -

Opening Song
Inventor's Speech
Introduction to the mansion
Sherlock Ohms introduced as a celebrity guest
Ohm's speech
Ohms flicks the switch to turn on the bulb
The lightbulb goes off.
Lightbulb comes back on
The inventor is dead.

Roll Opening Credits (Chloe: of Awesome)

Act Two -

Wattson / Owner of the House plead for sherlock to investigate
Investigation of characters
At this point-  Sherlock suspects Jack, then is distracted by Lord Nosferatu of the Undead
Major calls another detective (Carmen)
Sherlock's ego is bruised

Act Three

Carmen enters - takes control of the case
Decides to interview Sherlock (Suspects him)
Owner of the manor dies offstage
Wattson returns, finding the lightbulb on her
Rivarly between Sherlock and Carmen
(possible song)
Act Four
Two options for setting: Recreating the Crime Scene or Inventor's workshop
Ohms' life is threatened (Possibly due to malfuctioning equiptment)
Returned light flicks on and off - each time it turns back on another person is dead. First Lord Nosferatu, then the butler, then the screamer

Act Five

Accusing scene
Revealed the bad guy is .. Dr Wattson!
Jack finds out Jill still loves him. They have a romantic moment - Song Fake Out
Wattson is actually Thomas Edison in disguise
He is apprehended
Ends in song!
Song is about:
~Ohms and Carmen won
~Jack and Jill now run the Light Brigade
~We can all have the light bulb yay!
Okay, so -
There will be my own shots at drafts for these appearing soon, but I don't want that to discourage anyone from having a go themselves.
Or, if you just have an idea of something you think would be cool to see or a joke or whatever - post it here. - James