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"The show about nothing... except Science!"

A perfect theme for Revue! You take it from the show about nothing, to the show about anything (sketch) we want!
Aside from the four main characters, we can introduce an array of secondary characters like New-ton-man.

You can incorporate all the sketches into the main plot, like med revue did; I'm not saying we should want to be med revue, but I feel a holistic structure is a great goal revues should look to achieve when they can. Innovations like 'the face' and a continual plot aren't things we should dismiss as gimmicks "they did it so we shouldn't", we should bring them to common practice like wide-screen, pans, and close ups have become for film today. Because the shit gets better and everyone wins.

But back to Sciencefeld:

For those who haven't seen Seinfeld, or have never realised, the plot characteristic revolves around minutiae (something petty causing a big fuss like pretzels making you thirsty) leading to 4 different plot lines, which collide back together (and the characters progress but everyone learns nothing)! Which because of it's complexity, works wonderfully for a theme!

Something along the lines of, we start with our opening dance, one person (who turns out to be Elaine) is dancing like a retard, and continues to dance like that after everyone else has stopped and cleared off, the theme sketch begins, and she's confronted by George yadda yadda yadda...

There's a nice mix of crazy, intermediate, serious and scary characters for casting.

The bootleg films can be our video sketches!

And you can take Kramer on his on wacky plot line and elongate the other character's plot lines to include the other non-theme sketches.

This will probably come down to how much James likes Seinfeld:
James, I love you and I'll dance like a retard on demand if you satisfy my Sciencefeld fantasies.