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Potential act 3 song (Oliver's I'll do anything)

Carmen: Ohms, step aside and let me take care of this one.
Sherlock: Never as long as I live. This crime is suitable only for a professional.
Carmen: My point exactly.
I've cracked every crime
I've dealt with everytime
I've solved them: each one perfectly.
Oh yes but you have never seen
one this bad, so obscene
for this we simply need, well, me.
Wattson: Can you catch them crooks?
Carmen: 'Course I can
Wattson: Recite all the books?
Carmen: 'Course I can
Wattson: Deal with crazy schnooks?
Carmen: 'Course I can
Sherlock: Can you match my looks?
Carmen: You know I can,
I find evidence
when there's none- I can sense
a crime be-fore it has begun
Maybe but you're just not the best
you're just like all the rest
while I am Heaven-blessed...
Everyone: Heaven-blessed?
Sherlock: Heaven-blessed for crime.