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Idea for Opening Credits

by Jack
The credits for the film are really cool; it would be awesome if we could replicate that. the basic idea is you get Sherlock Ohms (and Doctor Wattson) walking around Sydney Uni looking at what they think are clues and pulling out all the sherlock holmes chiches like the magnifying glass and the pipe, and at various points the picture freezes and turns to the drawing, just like it does in the actual film.
Here we do it with the members of the production team; we have footage of Sherlock Ohms interacting with the member of the production team in some classic detective way, then the picture freezes, turns into the drawing and the person's name comes up, just like it does in the film (but with members of the production team and making fun of all the cliches). Some examples;
Producer: Sherlock Ohms is talking; he points dramatically and the camera pans quickly across to Rona (freeze)
Directors: Sherlock Ohms could bring them into the police station and throw them to the floor; they look up, scared (and freeze)
Video Directors: Sherlock Ohms could burst into a room with a lantern: the video directors are busy stealing stuff and putting it into a bag; they turn around, looking scared (and freeze)
Stage manager: Sherlock Ohms is walking down a street, when the Stage Manager comes up behind him with a knife; he quickly disarms him (and freeze at the Stage Manager writhing in pain)
Dance Director: In the film credits, one of the characters throws a glass of wine over Robert Downey jnr's face; something similar to this?
Backstage Manager:
Graphic Designer:
Whatever James is (writing director?):
Music Director:
Singing Director:
Band Director:
More ideas, anyone?