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Where are they now

Some random ideas:

Possible black tie event with both current and old members - joint with scisoc?, use science experiments for entertainment

other alumni events

email all old members - asks them what they're doing

find more about the 60's science revue (what happened then? how'd it happen? where are they now?)

make a video of 'where are they now'

streaming speeches from old members at events - possibly streaming for overseas people
testimonials - the path to awesomeness (via science revue)

testimonials from past sponsors - why they should sponsor us
get the dean's testimonial before he leaves

use the alumni database and contacts to attract sponsors (contacts both ways)

Current alumni: Yas, Nick, Dan, Julian, Pat, Kate (Turner), Lia

Future alumni - get their testimonials before they leave - perhaps a valedictory party for people who are actually going to leave?
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