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Project Blimp

Final Design – Mid December

Final Preparation for Materials to be attached- End of January

Test Runs – Fortnight before O-week

Song Rehearsals – Final Rehearsals by end of January

Regulation Check – End of December

Note:  Inquire into other club participation ( either pay for our blimp or tell everyone about us at their stalls) Clement Clubs in particular, Scifi battle, deathstar/lego/etc plans.

Sponsors could have space on our blimp, everyone would see their logo so it’s a great opportunity for them to advertise.

Progression of Ideas:

A blimp which promotes Science Revue in sort vague way or form (with lasers attached), glitter could rain down from it on people who are singing (primarily Chris). We could perform a few sketches under it, perhaps or even a few songs (the interesting thing is that we would have finished the album by then, so finding a singing group wouldn’t be as hard as it could be) . Speakers in the background could assist, maybe even some band action.

Death star idea could get other clubs involved, would be something which differentiates SciRev among tens of other clubs. A live action star wars battle? Or a Lego stop motion thing? I think that was brought up at a BricSoc meeting, so perhaps that could be viable.

Something Liam mentioned was a follow the blimp game, where we would essentially lead a group of students on a wild blimp chase, supposedly leading to the SciRev stall in the end. Funny commentary could be involved.   


Sorry if it’s a bit jumbled, this is essentially what Liam and I discussed a few days ago.  



- The uav itself would be a spare from, they have a few sitting around and the cost to fly it is nothing.

- I've spoken with Joey, who is a member of the team and he is fine to fly it so a pilot is taken care of.

- They would be willing to shove advertising/promotional material on the uav itself in exchange for a portion of the profits from said promotional material.

The problems

- We need a nice patch of grass without people and that we have permission to fly on. (and it would need to be part of usyd to reduce regulatory suckage)


- Cost to us: Time to get permission to fly somewhere

- Benefit: Gives us something else to monetize and its damn cool. and in the end, isn't that what this is all about?