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Notes from meeting (12 Jan)

Approach union before approaching sponsors


2 questionnaires. Possibly put on facebook and email people the links to them. Add questions about amusing topics.


Ideas of how to convince people to complete the questionaries:

Unless we carefully consider how to make and deliver the survey, most people won’t respond, so the approach is almost as important as the questions

Offer gifts as adverse to prizes; small gift for the 1st survey for the next survey (then when the 2nd comes around, they'll be more amiable), larger gifts for the 2nd survey and even bigger ones to the to be given for the epic survey day. Prizes to be given out at a later date when sponsorship packages come through i.e. we're going to get heaps of offers of in-kind support (products), as companies are much more willing to give that then money. Give them some of the stuff companies grant us in in-kind support. Remember, we can afford to be liberal with the prizes, since we truly can make a lot from the completed surveys of each student e.g. flight records, rent e.t.c. but we are asking for quite a lot of their time.


To reach our target of $60,000, we need everyone to fill out a survey, to make our dream of using the 4-season's grand hall for the science revue end of year party a reality. If everyone (((insert number))) of people fill in the survey, we can do it. Let's make this the best science revue ever! So-far, we've managed to secure $______ and (more?) in in-kind support, but without your help, we can’t take this to the next level. *** emphasise that we need everyone to do it ***. To approach companies for sponsorship, we need some information. This is essential if we want to cover our expenses. Sponsorship is the backbone of the show. Without sponsorship, there would be no show. ***remind people of the great times they had and all the events we made that they attended here***


The more money we gain, the more events and fun stuff we can do. (i.e. fill in survey = more booze). >>>[Give estimation of how much we can get per flight trip details per person, and use it to estimate how much we could get for the info on flight trips]<<<. And this is from a travel agent alone.


This year we have an awesome, very dedicated sponsorship team.

Ben, the sponsorship co-ordinator, is a very capable student (insert achievements here) who's very dedicated to the revue and is spending hours on a daily basis organising our highly co-ordinated sponsorship efforts. Still just two weeks into the new year, we've already contacted (hundreds?) of firms, organised the year's sponsorship plans, and..............

Lucas, is an actual telemarketer and fellow revue-ist, and is dedicating vast amounts of time contacting companies on our behalf. <<insert his achievements here + word it in a way to highlight his achievements>>

Shane, an enthusiastic revuist, physics nerd, and your future world dictator, is dedicating vast amounts of time into creating stunning-looking, carefully worded propaganda in the form of prospectuses and pamphlets with which to approach companies for sponsorship, as well as attending meetings and assisting Ben with the overall sponsorship co-ordination.

Casey (I hope I have your name right) is ____insert a project he worked on___ and.... sponsorship meetings.........

Insert other sponsorship people here as well.

*if you’re on the sponsorship team, pop your details here and give a blurb about yourself and your involvement

Idea: We're working hard, we're very capable, we can get a lot of sponsorship for the show, but we need a little information from you to get this to work


Responses to surveys are more favourable when the surveys use images in the place of verbal questions e.g. "which drink do you prefer" with a picture of 4 different drinks. 


Interactive world map of where everyone has travelled for them to fill in


Funny questions in quizzes to make it interesting and get more people to fill them in

 - Yes, but let's make the funny questions something everyone can appreciate. -

Maybe with content in common with Facebook quizzes, rather than or /b :-)


QUESTIONS (decide based on importance which to put in which survey):

What fast food stores? how much (cost) do you eat per week?
Purchases (estimates of costs or costs per month where applicable): fancy phones? computers (+brands?)? iPods? computer software? computer games (cost per month)? Music? Clothes? Condoms? makeup? feminine hygiene? (tampons?) Music concerts? Movies (any cinema preference e.g. event cinemas or Hoyts)?
To revue members + ex revue members: what cars are you considering buying + what cars have you bought?
Where do you buy and sell things online?
What are your marks like?
What bank do you use?
Supermarket preference?
Where do you work? Where do your parents work?
Include funny questions + use images in place of verbal answers as much as possible

FIRST questionnaire for online

10-20 questions only. Don’t ask for proof of purchase or receipts yet.

Put the most important questions here

Questions to ask:


Where did you travel in (the last year?)Don’t ask for proof of purchase, just ask, did you travel in <insert time period> and  where? What plane company?

Post code

Cost of books per semester? Where did you get them from? Co-op new or second hand book store?

Do you live in rented accommodation? How much does it cost per week? If not, are you considering it?

Aboriginal or Tories straight islander?

Are you doing a degree? What degree? Honours?


Future career plans + how certain are they?

Work history (where did you work)

What fast food stores?


SECOND questionnaire (for online?)

Send to people who answered first as a follow-up. Longer + ask for the plane tickets, rent receipts (or something along those lines), e.t.c.

Ask if they would be willing to complete more questions in a voluntary survey.

Long but not too long. Mainly to get proof of purchase

PRIZE (some of the in-kind support products companies offer)


EPIC SURVEY PARTY (kudos to Ben)

Meet up and fill out massive surveys on some computers + party with food and catering.

Make survey as long as you want. Ask all about where money is spent e.t.c.


Flight related component

Plane flights

Hotel rooms

Special transport passes

Guided tours?

hire cars