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Have an absolute blast raising $55,000 for the revue by 20th February.

"If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!"

Meetings: The authoritative reference for meetings is on Facebook and/or as sent to you by society email.

Here we have plans only

Last Meeting of 2009: 22/12/09 AT THE LANSDOWNE (Manning is closed)

Restart date for 2010 to be confirmed - likely 12/01/10

Regular Meeting: Isabel Fidler (top floor of Manning) Tuesday 4pm-6pm, followed by dinner + drinks at Lansdowne
Publicity, Fundraising, Publications and crazy ideas always welcome!

Projects needing people now:
 * Find out relevant connections from society members
 * Design Survey for Members

Current Projects (needs updating)

 * Where are they now?: Paul, Annie, Hari
(finding, interviewing and making a nice publication of our previous members who've gone on to do cool things)

  + Daleks at O-week
  + TXT/etc competition at O-Week
  + Product Placement Skit
  + Sponsors pay us to do a video profile for them, like how Axis of
Awesome was paid to do the "Election Rap"
  + SciFi war a O-Week - Daleks, Jedis, Trekkies, get the Clement
societies involved.
  + Inter Society Cross Promotion

  + Science Party at Hilton: Sponsorship/Publicity/+a whole new team
    (science party/ball/etc. for people working as scientists. we
organise it (or work with someone else to, and we do the