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The Sound of Science

So a song parody of "The sound of Silence". The basic idea is to do it as a choral number, with some syllables, words or lines strategically replaced by sounds (vocalised of course) you might hear in science.

One thought is to start out pretty tame, with things like bubbling and mechanical noises, then go to fire, explosions, breaking things, general mayhem and then finish up on sirens and ambulances. Oh, and you need someone to break out at one point with "Oh fuck, that's acid - ARGGGHHHHH!"

Random idea for first verse (will make more sense later, just getting an idea down):

Hello lab bench my old friend,
I've come to (plop) see you again (plop, plop)
Now to fill (running water sound, takes up 2 syllables then continues till end of line) up my beaker
Then I open (hissing sound that takes up 2 syllables then continues for a while) the gas valve
Then I light (match lighting) a match then burner (whomp as burner is lit, hissing stops)
And then sit tight
These are the Sounds of Science

Theres lots of issues with this atm like rhyming (or the lack thereof), but as i said, just getting the idea down.
Josh Pearse,
Jun 9, 2009, 6:42 AM