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Songs to be parodied

Some half formed ideas from a writers bash. Please pursue them :)

Morning has Broken: 'my voice has broken'
All I want for Christmas is you: 'all I need to pass this is you' (a song asking for tutoring)
We wish you a Merry Christmas 'we wish that you hadn't done that'

Possible crazy 'Dove melody' where we change the word 'love' in various songs to 'dove'

she will be loved: she might be a dove
this love: this dove
all you need is love: all you need it dove

Random cool songs for parody:

~All the Single Ladies (hells yes!)
~Monster Mash
~Walking on Sunshine (Stalking on something?)
~One Week
~Let me entertain you (stimulate you?)
~Disease (by Matchbox 20, make it about a specific disease?)
~Don't Stop (thinking about tomorrow)
~It's the final countdown (toxic meltdown) (apparently Jack has written half of this. Can you put it on the wiki Jack?)
~I'll be there for you
~Silent Night
~Ode to Joy