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New Ending Songs

Hey guys. Law Revue did Shake Your Tailfeather, so we need a new song. It has to be high energy, very danceable, and fast/upbeat. Here's a shortlist I've got so far:
  • Any Way You Want It, by Journey
  • Some Michael Jackson song - I know we did a huge medley last year, though.
  • Hot For Teacher, by Van Halen
  • You're the One that I Want, Grease soundtrack 
  • Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves (something ending with "crime")
  • Hot Patootie, by Meat Loaf
  • Be My Girl, by Jet
  • Ballroom Blitz, by Sweet
  • Suffragette City, by David Bowie (Light Up The City?)
  • (Bookie Wonderland, Dancing in the moonlight, rock lobster, none of which I know)
  • Zero to Hero from Hercules

I'm gonna spend some time tonight/tomorrow looking at some of these, but can anyone offer any more or tell me which ones of these are shit? Edit the list as you see fit.