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Net Piracy (Under the Sea)

A random idea from last night. I know Med Revue did "It's HIV" last year, but Chloe said put it up here anyway. So here it is?

The music is always cheaper 
When browsing for it online 
You think about using iTunes 
But that is a waste of time 
Just look at the sites around you 
We've got mp3's galore 
We don't care if it's illegal, 
What more are you waiting for? 

Net piracy 
Net piracy 
It's so much easier 
Happy to please ya' 
Music for free! 
Up in their jobs they slave away, 
So they can buy CD's to play 
Here we're succeeding 
everyone's seeding 
for piracy 

Down here everyone is happy 
As through ripped CD's they trawl 
The people who buy ain't happy 
'cuz they pay for what we stole 
But people who pay are lucky 
We're in for a worser fate 
The RIAA gets pissed and, 
Our heads will be on the plate (oh oh!) 

Net piracy 
Net piracy 
Nobody hate us 
Want us to pay stuff 
Everything's free! 
They say they'll catch you, you're a crook,  
With a proxy you're off the hook 
Music collections 
With no protections 
Net piracy 
Net piracy 
Everything's cheap here 
All yours to keep here 
Even in your favourite cafe, 
Pirated music's what they play 
We've got the new hit 
You wanna hear it 
Through piracy. 

The Clash and The Fall 
Green Day, Paramore 
Daft Punk, vintage funk 
Bon Jovi, Goatwhore 
Prince, Alicia Keys 
Good old Black Eyed Peas 
And James Brown, the King of Soul. 
Jay-Z, 50 Cent 
Miss Gaga and Jet, 
Coldplay, Beyonce, 
The Jackson 5, Cher 
Kyu, Cake, U2 
And Blink-182 
The Beatles and Elton Jooooooooooohn! 

Net piracy 
Net piracy 
When laws are ignored 
You'll never be bored 
Or sit at the TV 
Music and movies, games galore! 
e-books, TV shows, who'd want more? 
Each boy and girl here 
Uses peer-to-peer for 
Net piracy 
Bittorrent usage 
Always conducive to 
Net piracy 
Everyone one knows yeah, 
Buying stuff blows, yeah, 
That's why it's hotter 
To use limewire 
Don't be a bore, live 
fighting the law, with
Net piracy