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A: Right so we made it to the interviews for the orchestra. So what do you play?
B: The Xylophone
A: sorry the what?
B: The xylophone
A: And what exactly is that?
B: Well, it's, um... well, you hit it, and it makes noise-
A: So its a kind of drum?
B: No, you see its got these strips in rows and they make different sounds when you-
A: So you play the piano?
B: NO! It doesn't have strings, it-
A: Like a trumpet?
B: No trumpet doesn't even start with X!
A: Well neither does 'xylophone' that's obviously 'z'
B: It's spelled with an X
A: Like X-ray?
B: Yes! Thank god-
A: You play the X-ray?!?!
B: NO!! ARGH! For the love of God! *drags in a xylophone*
THIS is a xylophone! It's got strips of wood that make different notes. Can we PLEASE get on with the interview?
A: Ahhh! Yeah I have one of those things. Interesting sound. I prefer the trombone though.
B: The what?