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The Truth Fairy

The Truth Fairy

[INT: A child, is asleep in her bed by the window. The stage lights are down, and his bed is lit up by a spotlight. A fairy enters from off-stage and is just barely visible at the edge of the spotlight.]

[Fairy leans in and whispers in child's ear]

Fairy: Puppies are killed every day for no reason.

[Child stirs and wakes up]
Child: Wha- 

Fairy: There is no cure for cancer. 
Child: Who are you?
Fairy: I'm the truth fairy!
Child: The what?
Fairy:  Your grandma isn't in heaven. No one is.
Child: That's not what I - 
Fairy: I’m the truth fairy. I sneak into your room, tell you horrible truths about the world, and leave you money.
Child: But how did you - 
Fairy: Love is a lie.
Child: But Mummy loves me...
Fairy: Oh child on head - discoveres wet bed) 
Fairy: Most children your age have stopped wetting the bed by now.
Child: I didn't wet the -
Fairy: I can smell it.
Child: [crying] Why did you come here?
Fairy: To tell the truth. Oh, and give you money.
Child: Where's the money?
Fairy: In the huge third-world factories where children work all day long to make your toys.
Child: Is that how everything gets made?
Fairy: No, your favourite jacket was made by slaughtering cows.
Child: But I love cows.
Fairy: You ate one for dinner.
Child: I’ll never eat again.
Fairy: That's good, because you could lose a little weight.

[Child bursts into tears again. The truth fairy leans in closely and whispers in his/her ear:]

Fairy: Nobody's doing anything about global warming, oil supplies will run out within the century, tomorrow you will lose your favourite crayons, your parents have sex.
Child: Aaaaah!