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The Real Lost Finale

I wrote this at the writer's meeting. It is not going in the show. It is not going in any show ever.
However, I laughed, and other people I told laughed, so I am putting it on the wiki for people to laugh at.
I only saw the first season of Lost, hence why this happened...
Jack: I love you Kate
Kate: I love Sawyer!
Sawyer: I love my hair
(Lock enters with a gun)
Lock: I don't care who loves you, I'm full of hate, hate for mankind, hate for this island, hate for hereditary baldness!
(Hurley enters)
Lock: What is this? A fucking reunion?
Hurley: I'm so hungry!
Jack: I'm a doctor so I know how diets work, we've been here 5 years, why are you still huge?!
Hurley: Haven't you noticed everybody disappearing?
(Guy that played the lesser known hobbit in LOTR)
(I would also like to say this still satisfies me more than Lost ever did!)