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The Proposal

Int - Restaurant

Melanie: Oh, the lobster is lovely! I'm so glad we came here.
Jim: Well, this is where we had our first date.
Melanie: Oh, yes! That's right! I can't believe you remembered.
Jim: I did. I wanted tonight to be special. (smiles nervously) I - I have something to ask you
Melanie: Yes?
Jim gets down on one knee and produces a box
Jim: I've been trying to choose my moment and I think now the time is right.
Melanie: Oh my god! Jim! (She opens the box. Beat.) It's - it's a flashdrive.
Jim: Yes. (motions for waiter, who wheels out a data projector) I wanted you to make an informed decision - so I prepared this for you

Powerpoint presentation flashes up on the screen
Title slide: "On the Possibility of a Jim Garson - Melanie Hartley life merger"

Melanie: Oh, Jim! You don't have to do this! You know I love you so much!
Jim shushes her.

(Ed: The following requires dialogue in between, and more ideas for slides.)
Slide: "Marriage time distribution"  Pie chart - 95% Blissful Harmony, 5% Arguments

Slide: Line graph of Love vs. Time - the line steadily rises, then remains constant - dips for a while, then increases
Jim: As you can see, both the quantity and quality of love will increase over time.
Melanie: What's that dip?
Jim: Oh, At some point I'm going to sleep with your sister.
Melanie: What?!
Jim: Don't worry - look - (refers to chart )- it's okay, you forgive me.
Melanie: Oh, okay then.


Jim: So, what do you say?
Melanie: Well, it was better than the presentation you gave at my mother's funeral.